Location:  Roundhouse Krav Maga & Martial Arts, 9190 Red Branch Road, Columbia, MD 21045

Hapkido/Joint Locks and Throws Class

We teach Three-Circle Hapkido at Roundhouse Krav Maga & Martial Arts.  There are classes for both adults and children.

Hapkido is a martial art of Korean origin. It's name mains "The way of coordination and internal power."  Hapkido is a complete martial art in that it consists of: dynamic striking and kicking techniques, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, both hard and soft style deflection techniques, throws, takedowns, ground-fighting, and extensive joint locking techniques. Hapkido is the combination of two Korean Martial Arts - Yool Sool which comes from the Japanese art known as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu and Tae Kyon which is an ancient Korean Kicking Skill that was widespread during the time of the Three Kindoms.